Paleo Diet and Advanced Glycation End Products

Paleo Diet and Advanced Glycation End Products

Eventually when you are slowly changing your lifestyle to be healthier you will run into those who are negative and will want to put down your new way of life. Clearly, these people don’t understand that the positive effects of changing your habits far outweigh what you were doing before. One of the main arguments against adopting a Paleo lifestyle is the problem of advanced glycation end products that is a result of eating cooked meats.

The problem here you see is that these advanced glycation end products (AGE’s) are actually contributors to slowly causing you to age. If you consume meat that is cooked on an open grill or oven broiled you will slowly accumulate these end products and that in the end will slowly contribute to your aging.

There is no doubt that those who eat the Paleo diet religiously eat far more meat than most in the world. However, if you know what are the causes of these AGE’s then you can learn to cook in other ways to prevent this build up. As it turns out there are plenty of slow cooked meals that would not only qualify as Paleo but would be easier to cook and ultimately healthier.

Ways to prevent AGE’s in your diet:

You can prevent AGE’s in your diet by simply cooking your meats in a braise or a stew. The reason being is that a stew or braise does not produce as many AGE’s in your food compared to if you cooked over an open flame.

Braising meat is a very old cooking technique and there are many recipes you can find online that are easy to follow. In fact if you want eat Paleo on a budget just using a slow cooker could really help; you really don’t need any fancy ingredients with any slow cooked meals.
Intermittent fasting and AGE’s

Now the topic of intermittent fasting is one that also has its naysayers and advocates. There really is nothing wrong with fasting from time to time; however, keeping track of how this affects your daily performance is crucial.

Now if you are not eating than obviously you are not accumulating AGE’s in your bloodstream. Seems logical, right? However, if you should happen to break this fast with some high carbohydrate meal as a means of carbohydrate loading than you can rapidly reverse this effect.
Is becoming a vegan the answer?

Actually, you would think that if cooked meats and other proteins caused an accumulation of AGE’s in the bloodstream than the only real solution would be just to go vegan. Unfortunately, a vegan lifestyle could mean more carbohydrates consumed and actually increase the likelihood of accumulating more AGE’s than if you just had a normal diet.

This problem is compounded even more if you are diabetic. Those who have high blood sugars are naturally more likely to produce more AGE’s than those who have normal blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Ultimately, if you want to decrease the amount of AGE’s in your bloodstream a slow cooker should be one of your primary means of cooking your meals. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that just using this method you can cut down on a lot of harmful chemicals given off through other cooking methods.

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