Is the Paleo lifestyle for you?

The Paleo diet sounds as if it’s some old concoction that will help you lose weight. Well, it is. The idea behind the Paleo program is that you can lose weight simply by eating as people did thousands of years ago. If you were think of it as the “Caveman Diet”, you would be more on point. Consider what it would mean to eat like a caveman and then work from there.

What Did They Have?
What did cavemen have to eat. Imagine how the world looked when there was no industrialization at all and no processed foods. The people of the paleolithic era only ate the foods that they could find. There was no such thing as food preparation. In fact, there was barely such a thing as fire. Therefore, the Paleo program is a look back at how food could be enjoyed if the cooking and processed food were taken out of the equation.

No Processed Foods:
The Paleo Diet starts with the idea that you simply don’t war processed foods. However, you have to define processed foods before you stop eating them. Many people don’t realize that processed foods are any foods where you are getting them out of a package. From the TV dinner that is so popular all the way to bread that comes in a package.

Stay off processed foods

Stay off processed foods

Each and every one of these foods items has some kind of chemical and preservative in it. If you think through the foods that you eat on a regular basis, you will realize that a good many of them are processed and have some kind of chemical or preservative in them.

However, you don’t have to stop eating in order to go on the Paleo Diet. You simply have to change the way that you look at food.

Fruits and Vegetables:
Eating fruits and vegetables is the first thing you can do on a Paleo Diet to make the most of it. Imagine how our distant ancestors are. The women and children were able to gather and forage all day for the fruits and vegetables that grew around them. Now, it is hard to find fruits and vegetables that were not grown with the use of pesticides, but you can eat organic fruits and vegetables that have nothing but the contents of the fruit present.

Organic, healthy fruits & vegetables are the key.

Healthy fruits & vegetables are the key.

Also, these fruits and vegetables must come directly from the produce section. If you are getting them from a package, there is some kind of preservative that breaks the tenants of the diet.

Meat makes sense because people of the Paleolithic era were able to hunt animals and eat their meat. This means that having meat on the table is a good thing. This doesn’t mean that you eat meat all of the time, but it does mean that eating meat is alright. Remember, you have eliminated all of the processing in your meats, so you must eat organic meats that are not processed in any way. Have the meats cut for you at the meat counter and do not buy them out of the package.

Grass feed meats are the best choice.

Grass feed meats are the best choice.

People have been drinking tea for ages. This means that your drink of choice outside of water can be tea. You are going to have to cut back on alcohol and processed beverages. All of them have some kind of chemical in them that is going to break the tenants of the diet. While you are making teas, it is best to have loose leaf tea that you are brewing yourself at home. Otherwise, you are using a packaged and processed product that is filled with chemicals.

While you may not eat on the Paleo Diet everyday, you will find that going on some form of the Paleo program will allow your family to lose weight and gain energy. Going off of processed foods alone will give you the chance to drop some water weight and get rid of sodium in your diet. After that, an infusion of fruits and vegetables will provide for something that is healthier and also allows for more energy.

In the end, you will lose weight on this plan simply because you are eating food that is better for you. After all, that’s what we want for our families.

To your health

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